Deciding Vote’s White Label Product

Deciding Vote Questions ScreenDeciding Vote’s White Label product is a voter contact tool that is branded to appear as a campaign’s own web app.  The app engages supporters through a matchmaking funnel: the supporter answers a series of yes/no questions regarding the political issues they care about, and then they are shown a match rate for the candidate.  They are then prompted with one of many upsell options depending on the goals of the campaign.


  • Highly engaging voter contact tool
    • Compelling yes/no questions interface
    • Designed to especially engage millennial and gen-x voters
  • Customizable
    • Choose the questions to ask from our list (or make your own)
    • Use your campaign logo
    • Use your candidate’s image
  • Choose your upsell:
    • Email/data opt-in: users are prompted to share their email address and opt-in to sharing their answers with the campaign
    • Donation: users are shown a button to make a donation (links to campaign’s donation landing page)
    • Share: users are asked to share their match rate on Facebook
    • Find polling place: users are directed to find their polling place
    • Custom: make the upsell that fits with your campaign
  • Collect data about your supporters
    • Generate a match rate for each supporter
    • Generate issue area “scores” for the supporter’s voter file based on answered questions
    • Get actual data direct from supporter instead of using “look-a-like” audience scoring

Deciding Vote match screen

Use Cases

  • Collect email addresses from supporters for whom you only have a phone number
    • Text supporters the link to the app and use an email opt-in upsell
  • Identify healthcare super-supporters for targeted remarketing
    • Choose healthcare policy questions for supporters to answer; target the highest scoring ones later through Facebook ads with healthcare messaging
  • Convert younger generation prospects into donors
    • Email link to app to younger donor prospects and use a $1 donation upsell
  • Generate organic acquisitions through match rate sharing
    • Use the share upsell to let supporters share their match rate with friends: “I matched 92% with Bob Casey!  See how well you match…”

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