We let all the mice free

Hi Friends,

All startups are under constant pressure to bring their product to market quickly. Usually this due to a limited runway of resources. Sometimes it’s necessary to take advantage of a limited market opportunity.

But for Deciding Vote, the pressure comes from the election cycle. Yes, the midterm election is just 50 days away – which happens to be the precise amount of time that we have to prove out our product. It’s is built, it’s ready to deploy; now we need a couple pioneering pilot partners to give it a go. And we need them before the end of September.

Yes, the train is pulling away from the station and we are sprinting to catch it. (What’s with all the sprinting you ask?)

Part of the challenge is that we’ve built a pretty great Swiss Army knife. But turns out customers just want a fantastic bottle opener because they’ve got bottles to open and no sticks to whittle.

One of the great fears (one of many) that startups have is building a product in search of a problem. However, we know one problem customers have is paying way more than they want to engage voters, especially millennials. We think we can help, but we can’t yet prove we can help because we don’t have real data.

Live user data helps us answer questions like: does this thing actually work like we think it will work? Ok, so it’s just one big question. But it encompases a lot of little questions, I swear.

We can only go so far with beta testers. (Sorry beta testers, you’ve been great, it’s just there’s not ten thousand of you). Our beta testers have been a huge help with bugs and refining the app’s user interface, but the kind of feedback we’re seeking now is live user data.

Yes, these lab conditions have been great for developing the initial product, but what happens when we let all the mice free?* When deployed in the wild, can we show that we built a better mousetrap?

I’ll let you know.


*Redwall, Redwall is what happens when the mice are set free.