Three ambitious targets

In order to stay alive, sharks have to swim and startups have to grow. DecidingVote is no exception (as a startup, not as a whale shark – though launching a startup is a bit like being in the deep end of the pool…with a shark). As such, I’ve set three ambitious targets for its growth.

The first target is ten thousand users for the Pennsylvania primary election on May 15. Ten thousand users all concentrated in Pennsylvania should be enough to be appealing to campaigns to work with. It’s not worth much for a campaign to deal with an app that claims a dozen of their constituents, but one that claims around a thousand should be enough to run a pilot program.

The second target is a hundred thousand users in Pennsylvania by the 2018 midterm election in November. Again, the concentration of users in Pennsylvania will help us prove the concept and provide a tighter core of users to generate a potential network effect. The idea being that if you want to get a great party vibe, but you don’t have enough friends to fill your house, it’s best to keep them all in the same room having fun. Letting friends wander off on their own into other parts of the house is probably not a good idea, unless your house is haunted and you’re having a Halloween party.

After the midterm elections, we’ll be ready to open up the party nationally. So 2019 will be all about national user growth with the aim of hitting two million users for the 2020 general election. That’s two million users who are more inclined and less apathetic about voting because they are being engaged by the app. This is the dream that every entrepreneur has: bending that curve just a little bit. Oh, and throwing a pretty great party.

Last thing. Part of forming a startup company is forming an official board of advisors/Jedi masters. If you know anyone who has loads of wisdom in the startup world and/or political world (especially Pennsylvania), reply to this email and let me know.

Thanks for following along the journey and happy holidays!