One person crazy enough

Like chicken and waffles, strawberries and asparagus, peanut butter and pickles, these are things that simply work better together (no, YOU’RE hungry).  Seriously, startups statistically do better when there is more than one founder. The difficulty, of course, is finding the right partner.

Yes, complementary skill sets, shared vision for the product, similar ideas about what company values to cultivate, are all important.  But the most important quality to look for is ability to work through differences as they arise (because they will arise). While having a co-founder does boost the chance of a startup’s success, a falling out between co-founders can crater a company.  Still, it’s easily worth the risk. Oh, and institutional investment will almost certainly not touch your company without a co-founder. (Partly because they want to see if you can find even just one person crazy enough to join your endeavor.)

So with all that said, I’d like to introduce to everyone my (now official) co-founder: Ian Bone!

Ian and I have been friends for over ten years.  He’s been in the tech startup world for that amount of time as well.  When we’d meet up, we’d almost certainly generate a handful of startup ideas (and then quickly kill just as many).  So when I came up with the idea for Deciding Vote last year, he was one of the first people whose insight I sought: “try to kill this one!”  And so he tried to kill it (i.e. strategically advised me) for months before the stars aligned and he joined the company as co-founder and CTO.

For those of you who have played with the app: he’s the one who is responsible for all of the gears and cogs that churn behind the interface to spit out the results of your candidate matches.  (Ok, you caught us, Ian’s just been standing by the whole time ready to punch out the results manually whenever someone requests them. He’s really fast at it now!)

So statistically, Deciding Vote’s chances at succeeding just dramatically increased!  And not so statistically, I know this company cannot exist without Ian as co-founder.