One critical part of the app is missing

Sometimes in the life of a startup you learn that the product you initially developed isn’t good enough to go forward with.  Let’s just say I learned a lot from the prototype I built, in particular: it’s not good enough.  To remedy this problem, I’ve assembled a small development team, and we have just started development on a second prototype.  This will be a fully functioning app with actual candidate data.  We expect to release it in time for the Pennsylvania primary elections on May 15.  However since all of you have joined us early, we’ll have a special version available for all of you to try out before the end of March!

One critical part of the app is missing, and I need your help to put it together.  Can you help me by voting on the questions that you most want to see candidates answer?

Here’s the link to vote:

You can also suggest questions that I might have not thought of to ask.

I’m excited to see what questions win!