It’s Groundhog Day!

After four months of intense company building, Deciding Vote has successfully exited the Founder Institute accelerator program in Philly. The company is airborne!

As a founder, it’s important to mark these kinds of milestones.  It’s so easy just to keep focus on each successive task and not even realize when big milestones are achieved.  But taking a few moments to lift your head up, look around, and check for your shadow is important.  It provides morale to keep you and your team driving forward, and it provides perspective on the trajectory of the company.

So I’m going to play the part of Punxsutawney Phil (the groundhog) and poke my head out. (Yes, I realize the metaphor is a month late, but give me some slack: I’ve been building a company!)

When I started the Founder Institute program, I had an idea with some validation and a really rough prototype.  That’s it.

Today I have a fully incorporated company with a rockin’ name, a great logo, a pitch deck (with lots of experience pitching), a re-built design prototype, a legal team, tons of advice from a host of mentors, two official advisors, 200 people on the waitlist for the app, initial interest from campaigns, and a team of four people with me who are working diligently on making this whole thing a reality…to name a few things, anyway.

But my groundhoggin’ wouldn’t be complete without checking for my shadow.  And I don’t see one.  So what does that mean for the next six weeks?  An early Spring!  Oh, what, that didn’t happen?  I mean an early product release!  That’s it: before the end of March we’ll have an early release of the app available for those on the waitlist.  And by mid-April, we’ll be releasing our minimum viable product in time to be used for the Pennsylvania primary election.

And before you tell me that Phil was wrong in his prognostication 61% of the time, let me remind you what it feels like to be an entrepreneur 61% of the time:

What, were you expecting a photo of a groundhog in a suit and tie?

Thanks everyone for following along in this adventure.