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New Logo

Yes, a new logo! For those of you who have been around since the beginning of this journey, you’ll have counted this as the third logo (along with two other company names, but who’s counting). These kinds of things fluctuate early in the life of a startup company, because as […]

A new mock-up of the app

Yep, that’s a mock-up of the Deciding Vote app on the right. At some point in the life of a startup an actual product needs to be developed. For a tech startup, this will almost certainly involve developing some kind of software. For Deciding Vote, that time is imminent; therefore […]

Three ambitious targets

In order to stay alive, sharks have to swim and startups have to grow. DecidingVote is no exception (as a startup, not as a whale shark – though launching a startup is a bit like being in the deep end of the pool…with a shark). As such, I’ve set three […]

not sticky enough

When I think about things that are sticky, I generally do not have a pleasant association with those things. In fact, I tend to view them with some suspect. It could be a mysterious spot collecting fuzz on the kitchen counter or little kids’ hands. Seriously, little kids always have […]