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I had to do it

I’m going to be pretty honest here. A couple of weekends ago was the Portland Lindy Exchange – an all-weekend partner dancing event that attracts dancers from all over the country.  I had been looking forward to it for some time. Lindy hop from 8pm to 3am or longer, and […]

It’s finally here!

With any luck, there comes a time in the life of a startup where they can announce a public release of their product. For Deciding Vote, that time is today! We’ve been working hard on putting together our 2020 Presidential Primary version of our app, which you can check out […]

The results are in!

If you’ve been following along, I kind of left you on a cliffhanger last newsletter: will we or won’t we find a pilot customer? But first: a recap of last episode. When we last left your heros, they were chopping down a forest with a swiss army knife in search […]

We let all the mice free

Hi Friends, All startups are under constant pressure to bring their product to market quickly. Usually this due to a limited runway of resources. Sometimes it’s necessary to take advantage of a limited market opportunity. But for Deciding Vote, the pressure comes from the election cycle. Yes, the midterm election […]

One person crazy enough

Like chicken and waffles, strawberries and asparagus, peanut butter and pickles, these are things that simply work better together (no, YOU’RE hungry).  Seriously, startups statistically do better when there is more than one founder. The difficulty, of course, is finding the right partner. Yes, complementary skill sets, shared vision for […]

Why We’re Sprinting

If you’re running a tech startup, you’re running a marathon. Except you don’t know where the track is, and you certainly don’t know where to finish line is. So if you pick a direction and run straight for 26 miles at a reasonable pace, you have a extremely high chance […]

The Kerfuffle

Some of you may have heard of the Facebook-Cambridge-Analytica Kerfuffle going on over the last few weeks. Some of you may even understand what the whole Kerfuffle is all about. And if you don’t, you’re not alone. One of the reasons you may not quite understand this whole thing is […]

It’s Groundhog Day!

After four months of intense company building, Deciding Vote has successfully exited the Founder Institute accelerator program in Philly. The company is airborne! As a founder, it’s important to mark these kinds of milestones.  It’s so easy just to keep focus on each successive task and not even realize when […]

One critical part of the app is missing

Sometimes in the life of a startup you learn that the product you initially developed isn’t good enough to go forward with.  Let’s just say I learned a lot from the prototype I built, in particular: it’s not good enough.  To remedy this problem, I’ve assembled a small development team, […]