A new mock-up of the app

Yep, that’s a mock-up of the Deciding Vote app on the right. At some point in the life of a startup an actual product needs to be developed. For a tech startup, this will almost certainly involve developing some kind of software. For Deciding Vote, that time is imminent; therefore a mock-up.

Last week I stated that I had a target of ten thousand users for the Pennsylvania primary election on May 15. Well, in order to have users, they need to have something to actually use. Thus, I need to develop that thing, that product; in this specific case: a web app.

Some of you already know about or have even tested the Deciding Vote prototype. It is my intention to turn that prototype into a “minimum viable product” aka an MVP. It’s essentially the startup equivalent of an airlines’ basic economy class seating (or all of Spirit Airlines’ seating). This is an important milestone in product development because it tests whether the basic business model is valid. In the case of Deciding Vote: do users find value in matching with candidates in their upcoming election?

A fair amount of development is needed on the prototype before it can be considered an MVP. First off, it needs some real candidate data. This does not require much coding, but it does require a lot of research and potentially knocking on doors of campaigns.

Second, the prototype needs a design refresh. I know I said the MVP is basic economy, but even basic economy seats have seat covers and tray tables.

Third, the prototype needs a couple of additional features to test if users will actually use them (users sometimes say things when interviewed about a potential app feature, but do different things when actually using the app). One of these added features will be the ability to share on Facebook with whom you matched.

How can you help? Development is a fairly labor intensive endeavor and I find it’s been hard to do product development AND business development at the same time. So I am looking for a partner, a co-founder even, who could lead the effort on product development.

If you know any developers who you think would get excited about this idea, please reply to this email and let me know.

Thanks for following along this journey,